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201A - Non-Instrumental Performance

Fall 2016
Friday 2:00 - 4:50
WLH 2136

This performance-based seminar focuses on non-instrumental works written outside of the canon of classical instrumental music for performers and electronics. Electronic, visual, and/or theatrical components of these works will be deciphered and reconstructed. In addition to examining works by composers such as Cathy van Eck, Michael Beil, Jessie Marino, and Leo Hoffman, students will collaborate to create and perform original works.



Class 1: Intro, The Hits
Download Matthew Shlomowitz's Letter Pieces

Falk Hübner's article on musicians as performers

Links to pieces viewed in class:
Thierry de Mey Table Music
Simon Steen-Andersen Run-Time Error
Jessie Marino Rotblau
Cathy Van Eck Wings


Class 2: Mime
Matthew Shlomowitz's Essay on The Automaton Approach

Michael Beil Exit to Enter
PD patch

Interview with Michael Beil


Class 3: Task-oriented performance, process-based pieces

Alison Knowles' Event Scores
Yvonne Rainer's Trio A and the No Manifesto

Suggested Reading: Michael Kirby A Formalist Theatre: Acting and Not-Acting

List of (more) pieces

Final Project Guidelines

Class 4: Steve Takasugi Sideshow

Class 5: Performative Electronic
Cathy Van Eck Speaker Head Box & Wings
Leo Hoffman The Reply
Alvin Lucier Bird and Person Dyning

Class 6: Kaj Duncan Computer Music
Neele Hückler Crackles

Class 7: Objects as Instruments
Rie Nakajima, Hanna Hartman
Jessie Marino Endless Shrimp
Carola Bauckholdt Hirn & Ei
Andy Ingamells/Maya Verlaak Tape Piece

Class 8: Narrative
Rick Burkhardt The Great Hymn of Thanksgiving
Anne La Berge Black-veined White Splendor
Magdalena Meitzner XII The Hanged Man (Tarot des Sens)