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October 9
Los Angeles Philharmonic, Green Umbrella Series
Premiere of Laughing to Forget
Disney Hall
Los Angeles CA

October 18
Decoder Ensemble performs 35 Degrees
Feldstraße 66, Hamburg DE

November 5
A Square is Not a Bee
TV Movie screening, with Mocrep
Nightingale Cinema
Chicago IL

November 6-7
Quatour Impact
Les Automates de Descartes
with Nightmare for JACK (a ballet)
Théatre de Vanves
Paris FR

November 18
Nadar Ensemble
Your Place or Mine
with An Economy of Means, performed by Yves Goemaere
Rainy Days Luxembourg

January 19
with Ensemble Adapter
Ultraschall Berlin, DE

March 4
with Pamplemousse
Jeunesse Series
Vienna AT

March 5
with Pamplemousse
Forum Stadtpark
Graz AT

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