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272- Computer Music Performance

Fall 2016
Monday 2-5
WLH 2136

We will look at the practices of musicians who are using (or have used) the computer as a primary instrument, such as Sachiko M, Leo Hoffman, Ikue Mori, Annette Krebs, Merzbow, and Michel Waisvisz. Electronic, visual, and/or theatrical components of these works will be deciphered and analyzed. Students will create instruments with software and hardware components for a final performance.



Class 1: Intro

Falk H├╝bner's article on musicians as performers

Simon Steen-Andersen Run-Time Error
Cathy Van Eck Wings
Alison Knowles' Event Scores
Kaj Duncan David Computer Music
Leo Hofmann The Reply
Score to Ricefall
Suggested Reading: Christopher Williams' article: Say No Score: A Lexical Improvisation after Bob Ostertag