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176 - Circuit-Building

Spring 2018
Thurs 5:00 - 7:50
CPMC 367

This course provides the groundwork for students to build interactive hardware using basic components and microcontrollers such as Teensy and Arduino. Most projects will be sound-oriented— building MIDI controllers for use with software, for example, or creating light spectacles driven by sound. By the end of the class, students will feel comfortable building simple interactive hardware using found schematics. Topics covered include schematic reading; basic electricity and components used to interface with it; digital, analog, and serial input and output; programming using the Arduino language; and soldering. Practical knowledge is supported with writings and listenings/viewings of electronic sound artists.

All written assignments are due the following Monday by 11:59pm. All circuit assignments are due in the following class.



Final Project Guidelines

Class 1: Intro
Link to purchase Arduino kit
Link to download Arduino
Links to resources for components
Links to cool microcontroller projects

Books we'll use:
Nic Collins: Handmade Electronic Music
John Boxall: Arduino Workshop
Cathy Van Eck: Between Air and Electricity
Arduino Projects Book (comes with the Kit)


Class 2: Digital Input/Output: Switches, LEDs, Piezos


Class 3: Hacking


Class 4: Analog Input: Microphones and Sensors

Cool (mostly) music projects with sensors

Arduino Kit Datasheets


Class 5: Motors

H-Bridge Code

Class 6: Teensy (1): Digital/Analog MIDI input
Download Teensyduino

Class 7: Teensy (2): Audio Shield: Assembly
Link to Audio Shield Tutorial
PDF of tutorial
Breadboard setup (with modification for small breadboards)