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173 - Electronic Music Production & Composition

Winter 2017
Tue/Thurs 12:30 - 1:50
CPMC 367

This is a project-based composition course introducing some of the fundamental elements of electronic music production. Topics include MIDI, basic synthesis, working in a DAW, wacky experimentation, using found sounds, and developing good listening skills. We will work primarily in the Ableton Live software.

Assignments are important- you will be required to use the knowledge you learn in class to create your own musical works. You will also have listening assignments, which you will respond to on the class website.



Guidelines for Final Project

Format for submission: Bounced audio file in the class dropbox folder.
Format for presentation: An Ableton session.
Order of presentation: Random


Week 7

Assignment: Final Project Proposal

Link to free Ableton packs (Able10)

Link to online community for remixing:


Week 6

List of all the songs we listened to


Week 5

Live Audio Effects categorized

Samples (2)

In-class Work

Assignment: Production


Week 4

Violin Samples for In-class

Short Pop Samples for In-class

Samples for Assignment

Download Soundflower (mac users)
Download JackAudio (pc or mac users)

In-class Assignment

Sound Experiment #2: Audio: Due Feb 6 by 11:59pm


Week 3

In-class Assignment

Listening Assignment 2 : Due Monday Jan 30 11:59pm

Tristan Perich: 1-Bit-Music : Just Let Go (Fischerspooner)

About the piece

Éliane Radigue : Jetsun Mila

About the piece


Week 2

In-class Assignment

Download MIDI clips

Sound Experiment 1: MIDI: Due Jan 23 11:59pm


Week 1

Listening Assignment 1: Due Monday Jan 16 11:59pm

Maryanne Amacher : Head Rhythm 1 and Plaything 2

About the piece

Yasunao Tone : Wounded CD

About the piece

RCA demonstration : Irving Berlin's Blue Skies

About the piece